The company specializes in green technologies, water disinfection – disinfection Hazard-based system “ozone” exists in nature in the form of lightning.
The system is based “Ozone idea” that produces a “lightening” manufactures to ozone molecule
Performs what is does best in nature and naturally.

System uses in the various sectors


Why use the ozone molecule disinfection?

Various studies based on the concentration and time various disinfectants require for the destruction of 99.99% of the bacteria in a certain medium, the following facts were found, used in the comparison of disinfectants’ efficiency:

1.Ozone is 250 times more effective than hypochlorous acid HOCL

2.Ozone is 250 times more effective than hypochlorite OCL

3.Ozone is 500 times more effective than chloramines, NH2CL

4.Ozone is at least 200 times more effective than any chlorine is a disinfectant.

5.Ozone does not create poisonous or cancerous byproducts the way chlorine does with various food components (including trihalomethane, chloroform, tetrachloride and chloromethane).

6.Ozone does not leave chemical traces taste\smell of its disinfectant action.

Where could the ozone based system be integrated in a hotel or building


How does ozone destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses

Stage 2

The link-up stage,

The ozone molecules come close to the bacteria\dirt\virus and attack them.

The ozone molecule is made up of three oxygen atoms out of which one is very loosely attached to the other two and can therefore act as “free” oxygen.


How does ozone destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses

Stage 3

The ozone attacks bacterial wall, breaks down the wall’s organic matter into more basic elements and practically creates a hole in the bacterial casing.


How does ozone destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses

Stage 5

The bacteria is broken down into basic components which are in turn broken down by the ozone. These components are not pathogenic and do not maintain the original bacteria properties, therefore the ozone can achieve perfect disinfection as well as enough contact time so that all bacteria will “meet” the ozone molecules.


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