Rivers, streams, tertiary level, industrial waste water and contaminated water bodies treatment.

Biologically  Decontaminating  Water

Effective water purification system and the best that nature.
Bio-remediating – complex microbial systems could absorb and sequester and convert many organic and non-organic pollutants.
The system is a microbial mat that can pick almost any kind of contaminants in the water flowing through the system.
Advantages – a green, low construction costs and low maintenance nature EA.

How Does it Work?

  • The water in a contaminated water body runs through the system.
  • The contaminated Water enters and interacts with complex microbial biofilms attached to a specially designed bed.

        This biomass can absorb and metabolize contaminants with high efficiency, which support microbial growth and                             succession.

  • The water can be used for agricultural needs and transferring back to nature (rivers).
  • The length and width of the system depend on the volume of water that needs decontamination.

Cyanobacteria mats